Building new lives

beyond prison walls.

phase one: Inmate Support


While in Jail(the facility at which women await trial or serve short sentences)


Our women are provided with:

  • Support in court if her case is still in the adjudication process.
  • Mentoring and guidance through Chaplain Aides and teachers.
  • At least one pen pal (who may become her mentor upon release).
  • Potential visits from her pen pal if she does not have family visits.
  • The option of joining a correspondence Bible Study.
  • The potential to become involved with “Moms in Prayer”
  • Suitable inspirational and self-help books.
  • Regular phone correspondence with the Inmate Services Manager.

While in Prison (the facility to which women are assigned to complete their sentence)


In addition to support received in jail, our women are provided with:

  • A Study Bible and other inspirational books.
  • Guidance as to preferred studies, classes and courses.
  • Provision for their children (Christmas gifts, contact with mothers etc.).
  • Physical assistance when warranted.
  • A plan for reentry once her release date draws near.


phase Two: transitional Support


Once they are released from prison, women come face-to-face with the difficult challenge of reestablishing their new life after incarceration.  Starting from the ground up, they must rebuild all that they once knew.  This requires a great deal of support and encouragement. Through our comprehensive transition program, Changed Choices seeks to help women move successfully from incarceration back into the community by meeting their emotional, physical, financial and spiritual needs.


Changed Choices’ staff works with clients throughout their transition in the following areas:

  • Assistance in securing safe, stable and affordable housing
  • Individual case planning
  • Case management
  • Referrals to job readiness programs
  • Resume and job search assistance (employment initiative)
  • Weekly individual counseling
  • Referrals to recommended local AA/NA meetings
  • Matching with a community mentor
  • Substance abuse training and support
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Regular fellowship events with other Changed Choices’ clients

We are committed to helping women recognize and understand the past and present issues that caused them to make negative choices; develop their decision making abilities, self-awareness, and strengths; and grow into their highest potential.


It is our hope to provide guidance and direction in an environment fostered by forgiveness, leading to a sense of responsibility and ultimately changed lives.


what we do

Serving holistically from incarceration through reentry


Our Comprehensive Approach to ReEntry engages women during their incarceration, and upon release supports them through the challenges of transition (housing, employment, rehabilitation).