If you are interested in finding out more about any of these opportunities, please email us.

individual volunteer opportunities


  • Prayer Team Member – Prayer is vital to all that we do. Become a prayer partner and you will receive a monthly update from us.
  • Card Writer – Encouragement is so important to our clients, who may lack any outside support and often feel forgotten.  It means so much when they receive a card or note from someone.  A card writer simply sends a card or note each month to the dozen women who are most in need of encouragement at that time. An updated list is sent to our card writers monthly.
  • Pen Pal - The relationship of a pen pal can make a tremendous difference in the development of the client as she deals with the reality of incarceration and her own past issues.  It is often easier to write about things than to speak of them.  A pen pal who faithfully speaks into the life of a client over time can become a role model and trusted mentor. This type of connection is critical to success in reentry.
  • Mentor – Mentoring is the foundation for the success of the Changed Choices program. We have seen that having even one healthy role model who truly cares can make a tremendous difference in the life of one of our women. Changed Choices mentors function in a variety of venues, such as mentoring a client in transition or working with a participant in our COOOL program.
If you are interested in finding out more about any of these opportunities, please email us.

​​group volunteer opportunities

Rallying your community

If your group would like to volunteer together, there are several options available.

  • Provide a meal for Tuesday evening SEED group at the home.
  • Help in maintaining the yard at our transitional home.
  • Write cards of encouragement to our clients who are incarcerated.


One-Time Opportunities
Perhaps you or your group want to volunteer for a one-time event:
  • Plan seasonal events for the children of our clients (Back-to-School, Easter etc.)
  • Sponsor a client's child(ren) at Christmas.
  • Provide "back to school" supplies for the children of our clients.
  • Plan and/or host fundraising events.
  • Assist when clients move from the transition home into their own residences.
  • Provide a cake for a client's birthday or another milestone celebration. 

get involved

“It takes a community to change a community”




Where to Start

  • Look through the following list of opportunities and decide what fits your strengths and interests.
  • Contact Us.
  • We will follow up to discuss your interest and, if necessary, to schedule training based on that interest.

Building new lives

beyond prison walls.


Does your small group, church, or work need a place to serve, but you don't see something that immediately fits? Contact us with your ideas! We are always open to hear your ideas for volunteering opportunities.