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Building New Lives Beyond Prison Walls

Changed Choices, Inc. (the "Organization") is a not-for-profit corporation of Christ-followers that provides counseling, personal development programs, basic physical needs, transitional assistance, and family support to assure the successful rehabilitation and post-release transition of incarcerated women who have proven themselves committed to making positive, productive, and sustainable choices in their lives.

Our program along with partnerships in the community has made Changed Choices a leader in helping women build new lives beyond prison walls.  Today, the very low recidivism rate of under 2.3% continues to speak clearly to the effectiveness of the program.  We rely on our strong volunteer base and generous donors to carry out our mission.

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Changed Choices has helped me to believe in myself, that I can accomplish many things I want to. I believe that I am drama-free, smart, goal-oriented and unique. Someone is full of life, ideas, plans, and different. Someone who has a lot more growing to do mentally, but Wise enough for my age.   


 I recommend this to others, because I learned that boundaries aren't just talking about limitations with other people, it also expanded on responsibility and how we are in control of our emotions. Also how to respect others' Freedom of Choice.

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Those of you that He placed in my life have been a great support team, and I am truly grateful for you. The ladies that are incarcerated could not have been given a better program than Changed Choices.

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