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Meet Our Team

Diane Hunt 3a.jpg

Diane Hunt

Executive Director/CEO

Gail Clark a.jpg

Gail Clark

Assistant Executive Director 

Challise Cantleberry a.jpg

Challise Cantleberry

Director of Detention Center Services and Operations

Susan Padgett 2a.jpg

Susan Padgett

Director of Programs

Gayle Eason 2a.jpg

Gayle Eason

Change Coach

Jessica Summers a.jpg

Jessica Summers

Change Coach

Olaniyi Zainabu a.jpg

Olaniyi Zainabu

Change Coach

Our Board

Evan Stratton

Board Co-Chair

Susan Heusser

Board Co-Chair


Jennifer Calloway

Ashley Collie

Nancy Conniff

Cathy Kozlinski

Aileen Maddox

Amber McFall

Daren McGrew

Bryan Parker

Lola Sanford

Lisa Sarullo

April Smith

Betty Smith

Betty Smith

Monique Smith

Ruth Snyder

Polly Taylor

Brad Wilson

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